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Teamwork in a coworking space

It Begins With Why

Community is at the center and the very heart of what we do and why factory exists. We could tell you all about our crazy-fast gigabit internet, endless supply of coffee, and access to conference rooms at the tips of your fingers. In fact, these are all incredibly important aspects of a workspace and especially, a coworking space. Those requirements are very important, but in the end, you might miss out on the bigger picture; why?

Why coworking? Coworking is a community. It’s people collaborating ideas and connecting with other members. It’s a member reaching out to another member for consulting on a project. It’s coworkers grabbing drinks on a Friday night for happy hour to celebrate the little victories or a place to find comfort after a shitty week. Coworking is more than just office space; it’s home.

FACTORY is a place where everybody finds a seat at the table. It’s home for entrepreneurs, graphic designers, developers, marketers, and remote workers. We are home for dreamers, creators, strategic thinkers, and all of those seeking a place to simply get shit done.

Let’s be real, we all love the occasional days of working from home under the warm covers with a fresh cup of coffee. We all enjoy the peace and quiet with no distractions from others, but at the end of the day, who do you turn to for help? You might reach out to a coworker on slack or search google for an answer, but will that ever be enough? We need people, whether we like to admit it or not. More importantly, we need coworkers because simply working alone sucks.


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