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What’s coworking?

Co-work·ing | /ˌkōˈwərkiNG/


  1. the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.


Coworking is working independently, but separately. It’s home for entrepreneurs, small business owners, remote workers, and anyone needing a workplace. It’s like a gym for the working class. Basically, coworking is a powerhouse.


Coworking is not just a place to get shit done or an office. Coworking is about working in close proximity to people, who share the camaraderie of working alone and desire to be seen. From time to time, we all enjoy working from home. But the secret sauce to tackling that to-do list is coworking. Coworking has proven to improve individuals lives and work flow.


Coworking is community. It’s being surrounded by a group of people, who share similar mindsets. Every community is different just like how every coworking space varies.We all want people who are willing to walk down you the rocky roads or help you in a time of need; whether its a partner, best friend, or coworker. It’s important to work somewhere you are empowered, wanted, and seen. All of us want a place to get shit down while working alongside someone.


Coworking spaces vary in size, available resources, ambiance, and community. Some coworking spaces offer different amenities, environments, and communities. The common denominator for all coworking spaces is community. Community is the secret sauce to a thriving coworking space and its members happiness. Because coworking spaces are a a community fostering and connecting the worlds mobile work force.

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