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Factory goes to College

We have the BEST news!
FACTORY is moving and we’re going to college! 

It’s time, we’ve graduated, and now we’re off to do even more amazing things.Starting December 2, 2019 FACTORY will operate out of Colorado Mesa University’s Maverick Innovation Center. We’re still just a Dash away from Downtown—literally—and now we will be part of a vibrant campus, surrounded by the future leaders and business owners in our community. Of course, three coffee shops, a lounge, a pub, five restaurants and a dining hall—all part of the campus—don’t hurt either.

Over the past three years FACTORY has grown into a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, remote workers and friends. We’re excited about the opportunity to continue that growth in a new and innovative way, surrounded by students and faculty excited about discovery and up to the challenge of charting new frontiers.

CMU has invested heavily in its students, and by creating this unique collaboration between FACTORY and CMU, we can help extend that investment beyond the campus. We’re excited to see how making early connections to the future workforce impacts coworkers and students alike.

FACTORY at the Maverick Innovation Center will offer nine conference rooms—yes, you read that right—exceptional technology, fast internet and the Kiln coffee you have grown to love. There are multiple spaces for flex-desk members, and of course, we have dedicated desks and drop-in opportunities as well. Parking is easy and if you’re not used to being around so many students, don’t worry, it’s easy to find a quiet place to focus and get things done. Oh, and FACTORY is still Proximity, meaning you get all of the perks of being part of the Proximity Platform—including access to the best coworking spaces in the Valley and across the country.

If you’ve been on the fence about coworking, there’s never been a better time to jump in—we’re offering $50 off for the month of December! Join the FACTORY community as we join forces with CMU to develop a fresh and innovative approach to coworking in Grand Junction.

Factory @ CMU
730 Mesa Ave
Grand Junction, CO 81501