Grand Opening – Friday, February 24

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We are thrilled to announce Factory’s Grand Opening on Friday, February 24th.  When we officially open the doors on Grand Junction’s only coworking space, you’ll find a warm, collaborative community, a bright and pleasant place to work, and, most importantly for some of you, 1gig internet speed.  We’re actually open now – we’ve worked out the kinks – so if you’re already interested, come down to 750 Main St (the entrance is on the 8th St side) and check out Factory.  If you want to wait until the Grand Opening, we’ll see you then!

FACTORY Is Coming!

News and updates

Welcome to FACTORY!

You have no idea how long we’ve waited to say that!

What we’re really saying is welcome to your new community hub in the Grand Valley. FACTORY is a new coworking space in Downtown Grand Junction, designed from the start for developers, graphic designers, writers, inventors, leaders and anyone else who needs a place to work.

Coworking is about more than getting work done, though. It’s about connection. It’s about innovation and serendipity. The workplace of the 21st century is all about collaboration. The idea that we’re all better together than apart.

That’s what FACTORY is! All of that and more.

So, where are we at?

In a word? Construction! We’re tearing down and rebuilding like crazy. Drive by and you can see what’s going on.

FACTORY is going into the ground floor of 750 Main St. Downtown. It’s a really cool building, but it needs some updates. That’s what’s happening now. Right now, as we speak. The front of the building is being redone to open it up and add giant windows because we love sunlight. And the main entrance is getting a makeover too. And at the same time, we’re gutting the inside to make the perfect space for you to set up shop.

Our contractors tell us we can open in October. So we’re busy buying furniture, TVs, projectors, speakers, lights, plants and all of the other things we need to make FACTORY a place you want to spend all of your time.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some conceptual renderings of what we’re aiming for. It’ll change here and there, but the vision is to make a genuinely comfortable and enticing space where creativity and productivity are easy to find.