Most are familiar with the analogy of rowing together in the same direction. It’s pretty simple, if everyone in the boat rows together, in the same direction, the party gets to their destination a lot faster. This is exactly what Western Colorado’s Outdoor Recreation Coalition did. They set goals, created a narrative, got involved locally, and worked together to define outdoor recreation as a major player in Western Colorado’s economy.


Last night at FACTORY After Hours, we heard from Outdoor Recreation representatives Robin Brown, Christi Reece, Sarah Shrader, and Randy Miller. During this conversation it became evident that outdoor recreation is an important economic driver for Western Colorado and it is here to stay. It not only generates work for other industries and contributes to a higher quality of life, but also has the ability to provide a lot of really great, high-paying jobs.


The highlight—we have everything we need in Grand Junction for a vibrant outdoor recreation economy: business support, manufactures, quality of life, public lands, and more. The next step is to keep this positive narrative going, attract the right kind of people/business owners, and enjoy the positive impact that outdoor recreation has on our local economy.


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Interested in the resources from the discussion: Outdoor Recreation Coalition, View the North Star Report,  Outdoor Recreation Industry Office, Grand Junction Key Industries


A big thanks to our speakers: Robin Brown of GJEP, Sarah Shrader of Bonsai Design, Randy Brown of Vitality Films, and Christi Reece of The Christy Reece Group.