Weekend Update 4/21/17

News and updates

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Friday is here again. I am especially excited for this weekend as I am going to go see one of my favorite bands play this evening. I wanted to take a moment and write a little bit, about what has been happening at FACTORY. This week was not the most exciting for actually having events at FACTORY but was a great week for planning. We have some wonderful events and programs coming up that will be posted next week. So stay tuned for some really great things like Lunch and Learn and SBDC drop in hours and training classes.

Last week was fun as I attended Launch West COs  Beer and Business event where Eric Landis spoke about the creation, struggle, and success of his company Spintertainment. Eric wanted to do something different. He wanted to innovate how mountain bike spin training was being done. He wanted a new kind of experience, one that was fun and exciting just like riding down his favorite mountain bike trail. But how? Eric was ambitious and set out to make a new kind of spin video. At first, he failed, or did he? Eric took his initial efforts and learned from them about the great effort that it would take to produce the quality of product he wanted to make.

I gained a valuable lesson from Eric as he spoke about his failures and what he learned from them. It was that in order to become a successful entrepreneur we must be able to accept our failures not as failures but as opportunities to learn and grow.

Eric’s failures did not keep him down. He came back more prepared and ready to make another attempt. Again, he learned and grew. Eric at this point realized that in order to make his product the best it could be that he would need to work with experts in film and music. Eric himself being very well adept in the technology world from managing his own sound system installation company, All Sounds Design. But, by working with other professionals he was able to produce a video that was to the quality he wanted. Eric still faced challenges and wanted to improve his product even more. His desire for quality and functionality is what continued to drive him. He went to trade shows, shared his product with everyone he could, he met with athletes and demoed his product in spin classes that he instructed himself. Eric continued to perfect his product based on feedback and through his increased understanding of how to edit graphics and content.

What Eric has developed is a stunning functional product that is unlike anything else on the market. His mountain biking spin videos take you on an adventure through trails that are right here in the Grand Valley and the Western Slope. #WestSlopeBestSlope. His perseverance paid off and his attention to detail and willingness to learn from his failures has allowed him to produce the quality product that he wanted. We have been given a gift, a wild ride, and something truly beautiful, functional, and entertaining.

To learn more about Eric and his company visit Spintertainment.com.

In other news, construction continues this week at FACTORY with lots of banging, clanking, and saws cutting. Those are good things because it means that the front door is getting closer to being open. I know that many of you have asked and continue to ask when the door will be open. I will tell you that it will be open when it opens. But things are moving right along, progress is being made and it won’t be long.

I want to end this blog post by reminding everyone that the Grand Junction Film Festival is coming up on May 5. I am really excited about the film festival. This is something new and exciting for Grand Junction. For the first time we will be bringing together filmmakers from across the valley. The event will be open and free. It will be a place for filmmakers to meet one another, network, and collaborate. A first of its kind, the festival will be a time of sharing and celebration, and let’s not forget that it is just downright cool. Having the film and animation community here and providing a space for them to get together is just awesome. It is truly, what FACTORY is all about… Community.